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What happened to apprenticeship?

What happened to apprenticeship?

During the pre-colonial days, apprenticeship was the mode of training. It was a common feature of the traditional setting to see people engage in a vocation such as farming, fishing, hunting, carving, carpentry, sculpting, painting, building, decorating, catering,...

what’s your Chemical Body Burden?

what’s your Chemical Body Burden?

Today let’s talk about our “Chemical Body Burden.” The amount of chemicals in your body. The average person uses about nine personal care products per day, ranging from the nonstick pot used to fry scrambled eggs, microwave, air fresheners in your house, cars and...



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Gender Based Violence (GBV) Simplified.

People immediately shut down when they hear the word Gender based Violence (GBV), thinking it is overrated. Have you taken time to ask or read what it means? Let’s take a deep dive in into this discussion

Myths Surrounding GBV:

The perpetrators of violence are a minority group of men with mental health issues. Violence may be perpetrated by those with mental health problems, but it is by no means a behavior related only to those who are mentally ill.

 Gender-based violence is caused by substance abuse such as alcohol and/or drugs. Substance abuse may precipitate violent behavior or make potential victims more susceptible to violence. It is important to note that neither alcohol or drugs or the victim should be blamed in these situations. Violence against women is totally unacceptable under all circumstances.

  • Women allow themselves to be abused and sometimes put themselves in harm’s way. No one deserves to be abused. Perpetrators tactically control and abuse their victims that make it very difficult for them to escape especially when they have kids.
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